Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Revealing The Truth
Oil on Panel
36'' x 48''

Monday, May 5, 2008


My show has come and gone now and it is still really hard to believe it even happened. The show itself was spectacular, everyone in the show I want to thank because everyone put in really hard work and it turned out amazing. 

With my work in particular I feel that this really is just the beginning......

Entering The Unknown

This piece consists of a television that is unexplainably hanging halfway in the wall and is still somewhat functioning. It seems as if the TV was picked up upon discovery of the portal and literally thrown into the wall, disrupting the electronics to create this distant static sound. This represents a sort of unbelievable discovery within the wall, a sort of portal or gateway to another place. If I were to stumble upon a portal, my first impulse would be to see what I can stick in it and what the repercussions would entail. This piece puts into question the limitations of the boundaries that we create and how unexplainable things can defy those limitations. I used a television because I see the TV as a symbol for fantastical thoughts, a representation of things that have been, are now, and will be; and it seemed to be the best way to create this experience for the viewer, while still having it be relateable to the viewer.

School Is Out

I can not believe that school is out. The feeling definitely has not set in yet but once it does it will be really different. Now that I have come this far it is really interesting to think about the school as a whole, really having the ability to judge my school experience was. There is lots of debate about how the art school should function in society, for instance, should it be part of the community, should it be more focused on skills or conceptional thinking? The academy is changing and has changed even in the short amount of time I attended the Art Academy. Because our school there was an opportunity to shift the focus. The Academy began to focus more on thoughts and ideas rather than technical abilities. I personally felt it was necessary for my development as an artist to go out and search for both, and I think that is how it has become. You have to be the one to search, nobodies is going to tell you how to do it, you have to figure a lot out. I know I would not have grown as much as I did and as rapidly as I did if I had not attend art school.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Starting Again

The end has come and our time is just beginning. I thought that having my senior show would have been something so powerful so mind blowing that it would never come to be. And it was an incredible night but then the night pasted and then it was time to start again. Reaching this point was just a fantasy that now has come true and where to go from here is the question on every ones  mind. 

So what are you going to do now?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gallery Shot

Gallery Shot